Cities near from xalapa :hot coasts, cool colonial cities from xalapa´s If you’re scouting for a place to live, or to retire in Xalapa Veracruz Mexico, one of the key factors about choosing your location wisely will be matching the climates you know you can live with and your short-list of locations.

There’s a significant difference between going somewhere very hot for a short vacation, and living in a hot climate all year-round.  Some places that are warm in the summer can get quite cool in the winter. Xalapa’s varied landscape offers you choice in climates, and whether you envision yourself living in a hot and humid place, or somewhere more temperate up in the fresh mountain air, Xalapa has options for you.

Most of  Xalapa’s principal towns and cities away from the coasts are situated at altitude: Xalapa City is situated at over 1,427 feet above sea level.  The altitude keeps the local climate at Xalapa’s inland areas quite temperate, in stark contrast to many of Xalapa’s sea-level towns and cities which are hot and, for at least a few months of the year, drenching with humidity.

Colonial cities (Coatepec, Xico, Teocelo, Naolinco) can get chilly during some winter months, especially overnight; although it’s very rare for temperatures to plummet and, in any event, fireplaces in homes and electric or gas-fired heaters can take away any cold-edge you may experience.  Homes in colonial cities don’t tend to have air conditioners installed as they are simply not needed here: on hotter days, opening a window or using a small fan is enough to stay comfortable.

Veracruz  and Alvardo Coastal areas south tend to have warm and comfortable climates between February and March, which many people find very agreeable and quite ideal.  However, from April onwards, temperatures on the coast rise steeply and the humidity levels pick-up, too.  Most people need to use air conditioning to keep cool during the summer, and as these consume a lot of energy, you can expect your summer electricity bills to be much higher if you make extensive use of them to stay comfortable.

The distinction in climate by location and season is useful to keep in mind as you plan your leisure time, and especially when scouting for places to live, or to retire in Xalapa.

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