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How to get an FM3 visa of mexico

US citizens and lawful permanent residents of the United States can enter Mexico from that country without a visa and also can stay for a period of 180 days to visit friends, perform services, make investments or other business . However, to stay more than 180 days or retirement, you must submit an application for FM3 visa every year. Both people who are not US citizens and who come from other countries as citizens of some other countries may not use this form. If desired, you can apply for a visa for five or ten years in a different form.

Complete the FM3 visa application. If for employment, you need to present information about your intentions, the length of your stay, a description of your business or investment plans and your financial resources. If it’s for retirement process, you must demonstrate an income of $ 1,000 a month or more. If you apply for FM3 form for retirement, you will not be allowed to work.
Send or bring the application with additional documents to the nearest Mexican consulate. You can include copies of original documents. Include your passport and a copy of it, two passport photographs, an official report sheriff to show that you have no criminal record, an envelope FedEX or UPS addressed to yourself, with payment in cash or money order for $ 98 the FM3 application and $ 36 for the visa.
Introduce the Consulate of Mexico for an interview when you are quoted. The consulate will use the envelope you sent to send you the date, time and place of your interview appointment. If you have sent copies of documents with your application, you will need to take the originals to the interview. If accepted, the consulate will give you the visa.
Displays the visa to Mexican immigration officials when you arrive. Your visa does not guarantee your entry into Mexico. You must still pass through inspection and customs.

Tips and Warnings
The documentation must letterheads company or bank to prove your employment, your financial resources and your intentions.

Retirees can bring their relatives, but must earn an additional amount of $ 500 per month each, including birth certificates or marriage to prove their relationship and having the state seal with the visa application.

You can visit Mexico for a period of 180 days without a visa, but if you want you can request one. However, if you are not going to stay more than 180 days and not worth doing. If you show your visa when you enter the country, it is likely that an additional inspection which if you have not obviate is made.

Do not try to stay in Mexico more than 180 days without a visa. You can be fined or receive other penalties if you are questioned or when trying to leave the country. Your passport will be stamped with the date and be safer to leave the country and re-enter to get a new date stamp if you need to stay longer.

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