Requirements to live in Mexico : Many Americans dream of moving to a tropical paradise. Some people want to do with independent income in the prime of their lives, while others wait until retirement and your golden years. Mexico is a very viable option for people as some places offer cost rates cheaper than many US cities life. If you are planning to move to Mexico, you should be aware of the many requirements and documents needed to live there.
Although you may be planning to go to Mexico and live there indefinitely, you must have a valid US passport which does not expire while you’re there. Your passport must have at least one year before expiry in order to receive the corresponding visa you need to live legally in Mexico.
If you are thinking of renting a house or apartment in Mexico, instead of buying a property there, consider an FM-T. This is a tourist visa and allow you to live in Mexico for up to six months. This is a more cost-effective than FM3 or FM2 option, and can be ideal for people who want to «try» to live in Mexico before making a major purchase.
There are over a dozen different types of FM3s, according to International Living. The nonimmigrant visa FM3 is the most common type of visa for US retirees, and is valid for one year before renewal necessary. This type of visa is ideal for people who want to live part-time in Mexico as in the winter months. To qualify for an FM3, you must show proof of income. Proof of income required changes regularly, but usually must show that you have about $ 1,000 USD per month in income, such as savings or pension plans. If you own and live in a house in Mexico, the income requirement is usually reduced by 50 percent. Each year, go to the local office of the Consulate General of Mexico to renew the visa.
If you are planning to live in Mexico full time and permanent, you may want to get an immigrant visa FM2. This visa is similar to a foreign resident visa, and give you the right to work in Mexico. In fact, you will have many of the same rights as Mexicans, except the right to vote. After having the state FM2 for five years, you can apply for permanent residence. The requirements for this type of visa are similar to the requirements of the FM3, but must show a slightly higher level of monthly income, for example, $ 1,200 a month.
People who do not want to leave their furry friends behind can bring their pets with them to Mexico. According Mexperience, cats and dogs are the easiest types of pets you can bring to Mexico, many birds and snakes require special permits. To take your dog or cat, you should contact the office of the local Mexican consulate for permission to take and provide a health certificate from an official or authorized veterinarian. You must show proof of rabies and distemper vaccines that have received at least 15 days before the animal reaches Mexico.

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